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Store and share your private photos in a safe way
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Secure photo albums

Spicer Cloud Features

Secure Photo Cloud For Couples

Create Albums and import existing photos to your secure encrypted photo vault.


Take photos from the Camera with on-the-fly encryption.


Sync data across all devices with Spicer Cloud.

For Couples

Add your partner with a special secure code.


Share full Album or selected photos with your partner in a secure way.


Revoke access to your photos from partner at any time.

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Strong Security

Private Photos Protection
Zero Knowledge Platform

Photos can only be viewed with your Master Password. Your Master Password is never sent to the remote servers. Spicer Cloud employees can not see your uploaded photos.

Full Encryption

Photos are always encrypted on the device and cloud using AES-256-bit encryption with PBKDF2 password hashing algorithm. Each Album is encrypted with it's own randomly generated key.

Secure Sharing

Photo sharing is done by utilizing RSA 2048 Public-key cryptography. Only you and your partner can see the photo.

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Can I add multiple partners?

Yes, you can add unlimited partners.

Is Spicer Cloud free?

Yes, you can use Spicer Cloud for free to protect your photos without any limits. Privacy should not be expensive.

Please consider donating to support the development.

What is Zero Knowledge software?

Zero Knowledge software is designed in such way that developers of such software do not have access to user's data.

Your photos are encrypted on your devices with special Key created from your password. This Key or your Master Password is never sent to our servers, so the only person who can decrypt and see your photos is YOU.

What is Master Password?

Your Master Password is being used to encrypt your photos. If you loose your Master Password your data can not be recovered. Your Master Password is never sent from your device, so it can not be reset by us. Write it down.

How does Cloud Backup works?

You can setup Google Drive backup and we will use it to upload your encrypted photos. Spicer Cloud will ask for limited permissions and be able to access only files created by Spicer Cloud.

How does Sharing work?

You can choose to share your photos with your partner and it will be done in a secure way by using Public Key cryptography.

Each Album is encrypted with it's own Album Key. Each user has own Public and Private keys pair (RSA 2048). To share the photo, your device will request Public RSA key of your partner, encrypt your Album Key with it and send it back to your partner along with Encrypted Photo.

Your partner will decrypt your Album Key with own Private RSA key and be able to decrypt and see your shared photo.

We utilize Google Drive to deliver actual encrypted files to your partner.

Please contact us if you need more information about security and encryption in Spicer Cloud.

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